Specialty Lighting for Every Season

When it comes to lighting your yard or event space, you want a company that you can trust to handle the installation and removal, as well as one that offers plenty of options for you to choose from. Based in Denver, CO, This & That Property Services offer specialized holiday lighting and event lighting that will fit your need. We can even custom build lighting for you. We take great pride in the fact that we only use the highest quality LED light, which is known for being energy efficient and lasting a long time.

Getting in the Holidays Spirit

For most people, decorating for the Holidays involves going to department stores and spending too much money on decorations, lights, and the supports they need, such as staples, adhesive hooks, etc. Then, they spend hours trying to decorate their home, and the outcome may not always look amazing. At the end of the holiday season, they work just as hard to take all of that down and pack it into storage. When the next year’s holidays start, they often find that the lights they spent so much money on last year have burnt out and need to be replaced.

When you work with This & That Property Services, your experience is completely different because our professionals work very hard to take all the stress out of holiday decorations. We have a wide array of state-of-the-art holiday lights and decorations that you can choose from. We can even custom build lines of C9 LED holiday light, giving you the exact look that you want. Once you have settled on the design you want, we take care of all the installation and maintenance. When the season is over, we will take all the lighting down and store it. One of the best things about our lighting is that it can be used from year to year, so you don’t have to worry about burnt out bulbs.

Setting the Ambiance for Your Event

No matter what you are celebrating, the lighting can help you set the perfect mood. For a backyard wedding, you usually want soft lighting that naturally lends itself to romance and love. If you are celebrating a birthday, you want something a little more fun and playful. We can help you decide which lighting works best for your event and the space you are working with. Then, our professionals will install all the lighting and ensure that everything is working properly. Once your gathering is done, we will ensure that the lighting is removed properly. With us in your corner, you will be able to check lighting off your to-do list.

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